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Editing for academics

Maybe you're struggling to turn your dissertation into a book manuscript and need help re-imagining the structure of your project. Or maybe you've stared so long at a draft that you can't see the forest for the trees. Or maybe you're trying to distill your ideas into a book proposal and you're stuck on how to make the pitch.

I help authors at every stage of the writing process. Wherever you are with your project, I can offer you insight and guidance, pointing to paths forward. I provide a few different services:


Developmental editing

  • resolves difficulties in narrative, organization, and style 

  • tracks your manuscript’s main themes and arguments

  • identifies strengths as well as areas where further development is needed

  • offers a broad overview of your manuscript

  • includes a detailed plan for revision


Line editing

  • provides a more intensive and hands-on engagement with your manuscript

  • addresses problems of transition and sequencing

  • suggests moving and rearranging text and proposes alternate wording

  • focuses on the mechanics of writing at the level of paragraphs and sentences

  • usually comes after a round of developmental editing


I also offer manuscript reviews (without edits) and help with academic book proposals.

I’m addicted to reading, and I love playing with ideas. As an editor I try to help writers clarify their ideas and their voices so that they can connect with as many readers as possible. If you're feeling stuck, I will help you to identify your project’s organizing themes, to restructure your narrative, and to strengthen your arguments—to create a more coherent piece of work—which can ease your path to getting published.


I have worked with book proposals, journal articles, dissertations, and book manuscripts for scholars across the humanities and social sciences. I regularly work with writers whose projects are focused on critical race studies and cultural critique. My academic background is in African American Studies, literary criticism, cultural theory, and cultural history. I received my PhD in American Studies from Yale, and I have won competitive fellowships from Princeton's African American Studies program and from the Mellon Foundation. As the author of a book and numerous articles, I've also been through peer review and the entire publication process, so I know firsthand the challenges that academic writers face.

Since 2022, I have served as the in-house editor for the Mellon Faculty Seminar at the New School, a seminar devoted to interdisciplinary research projects that deal with structural inequality. The seminar includes junior faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and graduate students, who are working on dissertations, articles, book proposals, and manuscripts. In the past I’ve served as an editor for the Radical History Review, and I’m currently on the advisory board for the academic journal History of the Present. I also provided editorial and research support for The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee, which was a New York Times bestseller and was longlisted for the National Book Award. 

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